Our Water

Meet ECO, a more responsible way to consume water

Our water is the result of two unique elements that make it environmentally friendly. Our REUSABLE BOTTLE and our tap water FILTRATION STATION. Together they are a source of quality, innovative, sustainable and more economical water.

ECO water source

The water that is dispensed at the ECO Station originates from the public water supply, but is subjected to the filtration process described below at the time it is dispensed.

ECO water filtration

Water from the public network is filtered through a process in which residues and impurities are retained and the chemicals, resulting from water treatments, absorbed.
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pH of water

The ECO filtration process does not change the pH of the public water supply. This characteristic remains and may vary depending on the council, therefore, the store where each ECO Station is installed. For this reason, the pH information is not in the bottle (as we do not know where it will be filled), but it is in each of the ECO Stations (and varies depending on the advice). The pH information present at the ECO Stations comes from ERSAR - Regulatory Entity for Water and Waste Services.
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