Meet ECO, a more responsible way to consume water

Combines filtration systems that provide quality water at your disposal

Sediment filter
Retains residues and impurities
Activated carbon filter
Eliminates chemicals (taste and smell)
UV lamp
Sterilizes the water
- 99% reduction in sediment (waste from pipelines)
- Retention of Microplastics (up to 1 Micron)
- 98% reduction of water chemicals in the National Network
- Sterilization of water

Minerals and pH present in water are preserved in the filtration

ECO Stations filter public water, but do not change the chemical composition or the pH of the public water they filter. Thus, these characteristics remain and may even vary according to the municipality, therefore, the store where each ECO Station is installed. For this reason, this information is not on the bottle.

Where to find

ECO Stations are located in the Pingo Doce supermarket chain.
Get to know all the stores where ECO is present.
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