Meet ECO, a more responsible way to consume water

We intend to create a new form of more conscious consumption and alert to the environmental problem caused by the excessive use of disposable plastic, thus helping consumers to create reuse habits and to make a practical commitment to preserve the environment.

Every year
85 billion PET bottles are thrown away
6 billion kilograms of plastic are thrown into the oceans.

"If the use of plastics worldwide continues, by 2050 there is more plastic than fish, by weight, in the sea."

We challenged the population to be part of the Purify Movement!

ECO, available in mass market, with a clear environmental purpose and a concrete and effective solution for the development of more sustainable habits, believes that can help to change mentalities.

Therefor, the brand created the PURIFY Movement, a movement that aims to be bigger than the brand itself and that, with the association of other reference brands, intends to actively intervene in the community, promoting environmental awareness actions that involve the community in general and warning about the environmental problem caused by the excessive use of disposable plastic.

And because art can really help to change mentalities, the first major action #PURIFY 2020 will be the construction of a collaborative work of art whose objective is to draw attention and impact the population on the dimension of the environmental problem that disposable plastic is causing in our oceans.

The disposable water bottles that the population was invited to deliver during 2020 - in 150 Eco-Schools and 360 Pingo Doce supermarkets - will serve as raw material for the construction of this great work, which is under construction and which will be revealed on the 22nd March at Lago do Oceanário in Lisbon.

Stay tuned!

Monstro Marinho #Purify - by ECO Água Filtrada
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